Centered around conversations, experiments and collaborations, ONEIRIC SPACE examines dreams as a site for gesturing towards new patterns of being, feeling, and imagining together. It also investigates multisensorial methods of circulating knowledge. Taking an interdisciplinary approach, ONEIRIC SPACE gathers, connects, and shares research to expand ways of seeing dream life.

Currently, ONEIRIC SPACE takes the form of gatherings, a newsletter, publications, and an online interview archive. Our activities are slow and sporadic.



【GATHERING】 Forthcoming, a participatory reading, as part of Naive Yearly, at The Museum of Architecture and Design in Ljubjlana, Slovenia 

【GRANT】 Canada Council for the Arts, Research & Creation

【RESIDENCY】 Author-in-Residence at Est-Nord-Est (Saint Jean Port Joli, QC, Canada)

【GATHERING】 ‘Wading Thru Dreams, 2gether’ – a participatory reading at ACUD Galerie in Berlin, in the frame of the ‘There has to be smth in the room’ exhibition, curated by Alžběta Čermáková. Hovering between a performative reading, workshop, and installation, ONEIRIC SPACE's participatory reading creates space for encounters with language that open up multiple modes of attention, sensing and relating to knowledge. The format questions the traditional public reading, often directed at the brain while ignoring the body. 🔖

【NEWSLETTER】 Circulations (@ Sunrise) 004: “dreaming offers a different orientation to the world” —Interdisciplinary scholar Sharon Sliwinski

【GATHERING】 ‘Wading Thru Dreams, 2gether’ with Siestaria – a participatory reading at kwia in Berlin, in the frame of the Vorspiel program 🔖

【GATHERING】 Facilitated a Guided Session on 0ct0p0s’s dreamXchange Discord server. fluid as melting ice invited participants to consider “non-interpretative” approaches to dreams and to unfold dream memories through a series of collaborative virtual experiments 📍


【GATHERING】 ‘Wading Thru Dreams, 2gether’ was a  participatory reading at Burg Hülshoff – Center for Literature in Münster, as part of its Denkfabrik program. This session invited participants into a restorative communal space to reflect on the various ways of engaging with dream life through readings, contemplative exercises, journaling, and partnered discussions.

【PUBLICATION】 ‘Dream Matter’ is a publication that drifts between an artist's book and a journal for dipping into dream life at one’s own pace. The book is interspersed with prompts for considering the intricate relationship between nightly dreams and waking life. Pages can also be unfolded to reveal excerpts from ONEIRIC SPACE interviews with artists, researchers, or practitioners, opening up a space for voices to mingle and dialogue with the reader’s own experiences. Available at Printed Matter.

   Edition of 50, 2023. 20 x 14.3cm. Translucent dust jacket, 35 pages, digital print, glue binding. 

【GATHERING】 ‘Wading Thru Dreams, 2gether’ was a participatory reading at Künstlerdorf Schöppingen, as part of the Curating for Advanced Practices (CAP) Program, titled ‘Beyond Literature’.  Through readings, guided self-reflections, and partnered dialogue, the participatory reading invited participants to drop into the body in order to contemplate dreams as it relates to the waking world around us.

【NEWSLETTER】 Circulations (@ Sunrise) 003: “dreaming as a mode of associative thought” —Artist and researcher Mina Heydari-Waite

【GATHERING】 ‘Dipping into Dreams’ was an experimental reading-slash-workshop at Künstlerdorf Schöppingen. During the session, we shared some of our research on how dreams intertwine with waking life through readings and invited participants to reflect on various facets of their dream life through guided meditative exercises and discussions.

Photos by Camilo Pachón, Stiftung Künstlerdorf 2023

【RESIDENCY】 Fellow at Künstlerdorf Schöppingen (Schöppingen, Germany)

【NEWSLETTER】 Circulations (@ Sunrise) 002: “a way for our ancestors to communicate with us” —Writer, poet, and healer Goitseone Montsho

【PUBLICATION】 Silver Press’s Blog ‘Dream Lessons: Delving Within, Envisioning Futures’


【NEWSLETTER】 Circulations (@ Sunrise) 001: “an oral storystelling practice that belongs to everyone” —Writer and artist Manisha Anjali

【NEWSLETTER】 Introduction to ‘Circulations (@ Sunrise)’, a series exploring forms of dream-sharing and how they’re entangled with aspects of social, cultural, and political life. What happens when dreams extend beyond our private worlds and connect with other dreams? Can sharing slivers of dream life with others deepen our understanding of larger patterns? We examine these questions, and others, through conversations and experiments with artists, researchers, and practitioners at sunrise, in an attempt to meet the rhythms of the dreaming mind.

【PUBLICATION】 Museum of Dreams: An interview with artist Bongsu Park about the Korean tradition of buying and selling dreams

【NEWSLETTER】 Guest-curated newsletter digest by writer and editor Jeanette Pang Ru Yan

【PRESS】 Interview with CLOT Magazine


【GATHERING】 DADDY x ONEIRIC.SPACE co-hosted DREAMSCAPES, an evening of readings, screenings and discussions to celebrate DADDY’s 5-year anniversary and the launch of the Dreams Issue, at Callie’s in Berlin. We facilitated a conversation-slash-storytelling session with poet Sailesh Naidu and artist Sarah Martinus about how dreams can act as an avenue for imagining new futures

【RESIDENCY】 At Muzeum Susch / Temporars Susch (Susch, Switzerland)

【PUBLICATION】 Muzeum Susch’s Magazine #2: A conversation with artist Itziar Okariz and curator Sandra Bradvic on open-ended approaches to engaging with dreams and envisioning new modes of learning


【PUBLICATION】 The Creative Independent: A guide on starting (and keeping) a dream journal

【GATHERING】 ONEIRIC.SPACE hosted an ‘Anxiety Release Reading’ at Haus am Lützowplatz in the frame of the ‘It was all a dream’ exhibition, curated by Laura Helena Wurth. In the lead up to the reading, we collected anonymous dream accounts where the prevailing feeling was ‘anxiety’. To explore the various shades of anxiety in a physical space, we read a selection of dream submissions. We also invited four guests from various disciplines to reflect on the topic of anxiety and anxiety dreams: artist and scientist Mert Akbal; historian and writer Edna Bonhomme; poet and printer Nat Marcus; and photographer Charmaine de Heij.

Photos by Rico Lützner


【PUBLICATION】 Taupe Magazine: Dream Chromatics

【PUBLICATION/SYNDICATION】 032c x ONEIRIC SPACE: Jungian Psychoanalyst Jakob Lusensky on the Therapeutic Value of Dreams

【PRESS】 Featured on 
AIGA Eye on Design, METAL Magazine, It’s Nice That

【DIGITAL PUBLICATION/GATHERING】 Launched at The Black Lodge with readings and a conversation with dancer and choreographer Anna Nowicka about how embodying dreams through movement can start a dialogue between our dreaming and waking realities. The publication released five interviews with: artist Oana Tudoran, Jungian psychoanalyst Jakob Lusensky, artist and scholar Fariba Bogzaran, photography duo Synchrodogs, and 3D designer Studio Brasch. 

In 2019, ONEIRIC SPACE was launched by Charmaine Li and Effie Efthymiadi as The project began as an online publication featuring intimate conversations about dream life with individuals from the worlds of art, design, science and psychology.

To mirror the idiosyncratic nature of dream experiences, each interview was designed to correspond to the content of the conversation and the dream-related material provided by the interviewee. The logo, website, and interviews were designed and developed by Studio Push. was updated from 2019-2020, and is now an online interview archive. Since then, ONEIRIC SPACE has grown into a microecosystem of dream research and publications.